About Octopoly

The Company

Octopoly is a domain registrar and web design agency with headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer the registration of domain names, the creation of websites and many additional products and services to boost your business. At Octopoly we are very passionate about fantastic state-of-the-art websites, promoting small businesses and providing good quality service.

Our Mission

Registering a domain name and creating a website can be a technical undertaking. At Octopoly we want to give you a positive experience. Keeping the registration process fast and simple. We give small and medium businesses the tools to expand and grow their business online with an awesome website. Most SMBs are smart and flexible but can be underestimated and overlooked. Octopoly is going to change that!

Why the Octopus

Why “octopoly”, why the octopus? Let us explain. Octopuses are very adaptive, smart and versatile but also underestimated creatures, somewhat the outsiders of the marine world. This is how we see ourselves a tiny bit as well. The “poly” on the other hand, stands for the diversity of our products and services and for the relationship the Pacific Region has with the omnipresent, enriching and wonderful Polynesian culture.