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List of all Country Code Domain Extensions

Extension Fee Purpose Similar Extensions
.AC $ 75.00 Saint Helena and Ascension Island
.AE $ 89.00 United Arab Emirates

.AE.ORG / .شبكة

.AF $ 148.00 Afghanistan
.AG $ 158.00 Antigua and Barbuda


.CO.AG $ 148.00 Antigua and Barbuda


.COM.AG $ 148.00 Antigua and Barbuda

.AG / .CO.AG / .NET.AG / .NOM.AG / .ORG.AG

.NET.AG $ 148.00 Antigua and Barbuda

.AG / .CO.AG / .COM.AG / .NOM.AG / .ORG.AG

.NOM.AG $ 148.00 Antigua and Barbuda

.AG / .CO.AG / .COM.AG / .NET.AG / .ORG.AG

.ORG.AG $ 148.00 Antigua and Barbuda

.AG / .CO.AG / .COM.AG / .NET.AG / .NOM.AG

.AI $ 158.00 Anguilla


.COM.AI $ 158.00 Anguilla


.NET.AI $ 148.00 Anguilla


.OFF.AI $ 148.00 Anguilla


.ORG.AI $ 148.00 Anguilla


.AL $ 148.00 Albania
.AM $ 105.00 Armenia


.RADIO.AM $ 48.00 Armenia


.CO.AO $ 595.00 Angola
.AQ $ 128.00 Antartica
.COM.AR $ 128.00 Argentina


.NET.AR $ 208.00
.AS $ 130.00 American Samoa


.AT $ 26.00 Austria


.CO.AT $ 26.00 Austria

.AT / .OR.AT / .WIEN

.OR.AT $ 26.00 Austria

.AT / .CO.AT / .WIEN

.COM.AU $ 29.00 Australia


.NET.AU $ 29.00 Australia


.AZ $ 645.00 Azerbaijan
.BA $ 178.00 Bosnia and Herzegovina
.BB $ 525.00 Barbados


What are ccTLDs?

Country code domain extensions, as the name suggests, are generally affiliated with a specific country. The Internet industry refers to them as ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domain). There are over 200 unique country code extensions, one for each country plus additional ones for various territories. The majority of country code extensions are managed by institutions under the supervision of, or reporting to the respective local government.
These registries manage their country extension on behalf and in best interest of their government. Often the governments regulate the extension and have restrictions on who can register a domain name under their country code extension. In many cases the country code’s primary requirement is to be a resident of that country. These country code registries aim to keep the domains pure, by allowing only registrations from local businesses that are relative to the country and support it.
There are some extensions that were originally affiliated with a country but are now sold as a pseudo-generic extension. The best example is .TV which is now sold as an abbreviation for television. Originally .TV was the country code extension of the island state Tuvalu. Others include .WS (West Samoa) which is marketed as “Website” and .CO (Colombia) which is sold as a new alternative to the crowded .COM domain extension.