.CO.JP Pricing*

Setup Fee $ 0.00
Anual Fee $ 264.00 1 year minimum
Renewal Fee $ 264.00 1 year minimum
Update Fee $ 342.00
Trade Fee $ 400.00
Transfer Fee $ 700.00
Reactivation Fee $ 289.00 + 1 Renewal Fee

*All prices quoted are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

.CO.JP Details

Domain length 3 - 63 characters
Numbers allowed
Hyphen allowed
IDN not allowed
Minimum Subscription 1 year
Minimum Renewal Period 1 year
Registration delay 1-3 days

Register .CO.JP Domain Name

Globally, Japan is considered a leader in technological innovation and a cultural powerhouse. With a population of over 127 million people, the country has a diverse and dynamic marketplace and high internet usage. To connect with all things Japanese, consider a .JP domain name extension.

In order to preserve the cultural value they place on authenticity, there are restrictions around the use of the .CO.JP domain extension. To register a .CO.JP domain name, you have to have a local presence, and administrative contact details, in Japan. However, whether you are a business, professional services firm, or just a person looking to share their opinions or creative pursuits online, as long as you're in Japan, you can register a .JP domain.

Connect with this exclusive domain name, and showcase your Japanese culture and heritage on the world wide web today with a .CO.JP domain name.