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Can I use my Web Hosting for multiple domain names?

Yes, you can use your web hosting for up to 10 domain names. Under the following conditions:

  • You need to setup one sub directory under /htdocs for each domain/website, for example /htdocs/yourwebsite.
  • You need to use the Domain Pointers to point the domain to their respective sub directory.
  • Please note that each web hosting package has only one IP address. All of the up to 10 domains will use the same IP address.
  1. Login to your web hosting control panel.
  2. Go to FTP & Content Publishing and click on FILE MANAGER.
  3. Create a new folder (sub directory).
  4. Go to Configurations and click on DOMAIN POINTERS.
  5. Click on ADD.
  6. Enter the domain name and select the option POINT TO A SUB-DIRECTORY.
  7. Enter the name of the folder (sub directory) you created for this domain.
  8. Click OK. The pointers are created for both the domain and the www version of the domain.