Help & FAQ Section

How can I add a new credit card to my account?

To add a new credit card to your account, you need to use the card on our website first. After the new card was used successfully for a transaction, it will appear in your account under stored credit cards. You have two options to add a new credit card:

  • You can either make a purchase with it:
    1. Go to our website and order a domain name.
    2. Use the new credit card to pay for the order.
    3. The credit card is now stored.
  • Buy credits for future use:
    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click on MY ACCOUNT.
    3. Select PAYMENT SETTINGS in the menu.
    4. And click on CREDIT BALANCE.
    5. Enter the amount of you want to upload and click PAY FOR CREDITS.
    6. Accept our terms and conditions and click SUBMIT.
    7. Your credit card is now stored.

    You can see your stored credit cards in your account under PAYMENT SETTINGS > SAVED PAYMENT METHODS.