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How can I add an external Mailbox?

Webmail allows you to add an external mailbox, hosted by a different provider (e.g.: Gmail, Outlook, etc.). You can do that within the webmail interface, following these steps:

You need to have the current mailbox settings information including IMAP, POP and SMTP servers, the port numbers and the encryption method which is used. Please contact your mail service provider to receive this information.

  1. Once you have this information, login to your webmail account. Use the mailbox name (your email address) and your password (the one you used when creating the mailbox).
  2. In your webmail account click on the Menu button (the three bars) and there on SETTINGS.
  3. In the left side panel select ACCOUNTS.
  5. Click on MANUAL.
  6. Fill in the fields in the Add email account window:
    • Account name
    • Email address
    • Server type
    • Server name
    • Server port

    • Username
    • Password

    • for IMAP or POP and SMTP.
    • Click on SAVE.

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