Help & FAQ Section

How can I add Domain Privacy to a domain name?

Please note that not all domain extensions allow the use of our Domain Privacy service. In general it can be used for all gTLDs and nTLDs, but only very few ccTLDs allow the use of Domain Privacy.

To add Domain Privacy to your domain, follow the below instructions:

  • Single domain name:
    1. Log in to your Octopoly account.
    3. Hover over the domain and click the MANAGE button next to it.
    4. Click on ENABLE DOMAIN PRIVACY in the contact section on the left.
    5. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the check box and click on PLACE ORDER.
  • Multiple domain names:
    1. In your Octopoly account, click on DOMAINS > ACTIVE.
    2. Select all domains names you want to protect.
    3. Click on SELECT ACTION in the panel below and select option ENABLE DOMAIN PRIVACY.
    4. Next, choose the range under SELECT RANGE and continue by clicking on START.
    5. Check the terms and conditions box and click on PLACE ORDER.