Help & FAQ Section

How can I delete a domain name?

Not all domain extensions allow the deletion of a domain name. For some the only option is to let the domain name expire. Please check with our support team if the domain you would like to delete offers this option.

In case the domain you wish to delete, supports a deletion process, we will ask you to provide us with the following information:

  1. A written request to delete the domain name by the domain owner (Registrant).
  2. A copy of the passport or ID card of the registrant.
  3. If the owner is a company, we need also an official statement establishing that the individual requesting the deletion is authorised to do so (Power of Attorney, Article of Incorporation, etc.)

As soon as we have received and verified the documents, we will initiate the deletion process for the domain name.

Please note that the deletion of a domain name is a manual process for which we charge $10 NZD (exc GST).