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How can I delete unneeded emails? Mailbox full!

Very active email users might encounter the problem that their mailbox runs out of capacity. If that happens, there are two options to solve this:

A) Upgrade to the next higher plan in order to increase your capacity. The following article explains how you can upgrade your mailbox.

B) In case you don´t want to upgrade your email package, you can simply delete any old and unneeded emails from the server. As the server has no capacity left, you also can´t move them into the Trash. Follow the steps below in order to delete emails:

  1. Login to your webmail account. Use the mailbox name (your email address) and your password (the one you used when creating the mailbox).
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the menu icon (the three bars) and select SETTINGS.
  3. In the side panel on the left side, go to EMAIL and check the option "permanently remove deleted email messages":.
  4. After you have activated this option, you can return to your mailbox folders and select and delete unneeded emails.
  5. Once you finished permanently deleting all emails you no longer need, you should deactivate "permanently remove deleted email messages" option again, to avoid any accidental deletions of emails.

Please note: Permanently deleting email messages is irrevocable. All emails you delete while this option is active, are permanently lost. We recommend to backup your emails locally in case you are worried to lose any important email.

You can backup the content of your mailbox locally on your computer. You can do that by connecting via IMAP and copy the emails and mail folders from the IMAP mail folders to the local mail folders of your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.).

The IMAP settings to be configured on your local mail client are the following:
- Incoming mail server (IMAP):
- Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

We recommend you to use the following ports and encryption methods to connect to the mail servers:

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