Help & FAQ Section

How can I upload my website to my Web Hosting using FTP?

If you have already created a website and want to upload now to your web hosting account, follow the below procedure:

  1. Log in to your Octopoly account and go to PRODUCTS > WEB HOSTING.
  2. Hover over the domain name and click on VIEW.
  3. Click on MANAGE.
  4. Now in your web hosting control panel, go to FTP & Content Publishing.
  6. Here you will find the FTP information needed. If you have not set a password yet, you can reset the password there.

We recommend to create a sub directory for the website within /htdocs, for example /htdocs/yourwebsite.

  1. Go to FTP & Content Publishing and click on FILE MANAGER.
  2. Create a new folder (sub directory).
  3. Go to Configurations and click on DOMAIN POINTERS.
  4. Click on ADD.
  5. Enter the domain name and select the option POINT TO A SUB-DIRECTORY.
  6. Enter the name of the folder (sub directory) you created for this domain.
  7. Click OK. The pointers are created for both the domain and the www version of the domain.