Help & FAQ Section

How do I export information about my domains?

The export feature in your account allows you to export a full list of your domain and details into CSV, excel or text file. Simply select the domains and the information you want to export and the system informs you as soon as the export is available. You can perform an export by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Octopoly account.
  2. Click on DOMAIN NAMES and select the domains.
  3. Click on SELECT ACTION in the panel below and select option "Export Domains".
  4. Next, choose the range under "SELECT RANGE".
  5. Continue by clicking on the START button.
  6. Now select the details and file format for the export and click EXPORT.

Once the export is ready you will be notified. You will find the export in your account under DOMAIN NAMES > EXPORT.