Help & FAQ Section

How does Domain Privacy work?

By default, every registered domain name makes the domain owner details public in the official WHOIS database. The Domain Privacy service allows you to hide your contact information and address and prevents people from having access to it.

You can order a domain directly with Domain Privacy or you can add the Domain Privacy service to an already existing domain. When you order the Domain Privacy service, we will replace your personal contact details with our Domain Privacy details and address.

You will remain the official owner of your domain name – we issue certificates of ownerships on request to confirm that – but your name and address will no longer be publicly visible.

The Domain Privacy service comes with a yearly fee. As long as the Domain Privacy service is enabled for your domain name, the service will renew and the fee will be charged automatically every year together with your domain.

The Domain Privacy service is a yearly subscription and cannot be booked for less than a year.