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My name servers have not been accepted, what now?

You may come across the problem that your name servers were declined for a certain domain, even though the same name servers are already in use with other domain names. There are some registries that require name servers to be configured in a certain way.

If you receive an error message that a domain name could not be registered or transferred because of misconfigured name servers, check if the concerned registry has specific name server requirements.

Usually these registries offer a name server check, which allows checking and verifying the name server compliance before starting an order. The below list links to these registries and their respective name server check:

  1. .FR Name Server Check
  2. .DK Name Server Check
  3. .DE Name Server Check
  4. .HU Name Server Check
  5. .LU Name Server Check
  6. .IT Name Server Check
  7. .NL Name Server Check
  8. .NO Name Server Check
  9. .SI Name Server Check
  10. .IS Name Server Check
  11. .MX Name Server Check

Please configure your nameservers and zones according to the feedback of their check tool. You should receive a success message in the end. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.