Help & FAQ Section

What is a Premium Domain Name?

Premium domain names are domains that were identified and classified by the responsible registry as particularly valuable, high quality, premium domain name.

Are premium domain names technically different?
No, technically they are just like all other domain names. The only difference is the higher price tag because of their intrinsic higher value.

Why are premium domain names more expensive?
Premium domains are usually shorter and more memorable and are therefore more brandable and offer the chance for more traffic. They come with a higher price tag to prevent domain investors from simply registering all the good names and thus stop actual businesses from buying, developing and using these domains.

Can Octopoly reduce the price for premium domain names?
The responsible registries set the prices of the premium domains and Octopoly simply forwards the price to its customers. Only some registries are willing to negotiate the price of their premium domains, and only if the future owner plans to use the name actively. You may always contact us if you plan to acquire a premium domain, and we will see what we can do for you.