Help & FAQ Section

What is a shared access?

The shared access feature allows you to give another person access to your Octopoly account, using their own set of login credentials. You can allocate different rights for shared access users and define what the other users are allowed to do.

This feature allows you to get help from a third party on a specific part of your account without giving away full control. For example, a company could give its accounting department access to download invoices, but prevent them from making any change. There are currently four different shared access types:

Viewer profile: The viewer user is the most limited profile. This user can see the domains and products in your account but cannot make any changes.

Config profile: The config profile was designed for technical users. They have the rights to edit the DNS, nameserver and zones of the domains, but cannot access the billing section.

Buyer profile: The buyer profile is the second highest and can undertake most tasks, except for creating domain folders and other shared access profiles.

Manager profile: This user has effectively the same rights as the account owner, without restrictions. Manager level shared access profiles have full control and should be created with care.