SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

The Secure Sockets Layer is a system that guarantees a secure connection between your customers and your website. Any information your customers enter on your website will be encrypted, preventing it from being read or stolen by a third party. SSL certificates are therefore essential for online shops and every website that requires customers to enter their payment details or other high-risk personal information. An added bonus is that Google favours websites secured by SSL. This will have a positive effect on your Google ranking and give you an advantage over your competitors without SSL.

Choose Your SSL Certificate

Octopoly Alpha SSL Certificate Icon


$ 20 / year

  • Issuance speed: 3 mins
  • Level: Domain
  • Warranty: $10,000
Octopoly Domain Validation SSL Certificate Icon


$ 130 / year

  • Issuance speed: 5 mins
  • Level: Domain
  • Warranty: $10,000
Octopoly Organisation Validation SSL Certificate Icon


$ 180 / year

  • Issuance speed: 1-2 days
  • Level: Organisation
  • Warranty: $1,250,000
Octopoly Extended Validation SSL Certificate Icon


$ 700 / year

  • Issuance speed: 3-4 days
  • Level: Extd. & Org.
  • Warranty: $1,500,000

Which SSL Certificates is right for you?

  • Protects a single domain name with basic security
  • Issued and installed within few minutes, making it a perfect choice for instant use
  • No full secure site seal
  • Minimum warranty coverage
  • Sufficient for websites that don´t operate a shop or collect customer information
  • Covers multiple domain names that can operate on different IP addresses
  • The Certificate Authority confirms the ownership of the respective domain name
  • Fast issuance speed
  • The Secure site seal displays the core encryption data
  • Minimum warranty coverage
  • The best solution for the majority of websites, small and medium businesses including online shops
  • Verifies and checks the existence of the organisation
  • The Certificate Authority confirms the ownership of the domain name
  • Higher security level
  • The secure site seal displays the core encryption data and results of the company background check
  • Substantial warranty coverage
  • The preferred solution for businesses and organisations that require a high level of authentication to protect their operations
  • Guarantees the highest level of encryption security
  • The Certificate Authority performs strict audit and verification process; repeated on a yearly basis
  • The organisation has to be legally registered, listed in public and governmental records, operate from a confirmed physical address, verify the request of the certificate issuance
  • The secure site seal contains all the encryption data, the results of the background check and turns the website’s address bar green
  • Maxium warranty coverage
  • Recommended for high profile websites that require best security, like governmental websites, global brands or financial institutions

SSL Certificate Features

  • Protect your customers from fraud and phishing attempts
  • Secure your users personal information and payment details
  • Google favors HTTPS protected sites
  • Enjoy search engine ranking benefits
  • Make your website a safe platform for online transactions
  • Show your users that you care about their personal information