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SSL Certificates

Secure your domain and traffic. SSL certificates are essential for all online shops and every website that requires customers to enter personal or payment details.

ProDNS Anycast

Maximum Uptime and Loading Speed, ProDNS is a must-have solution for online shops and all revenue generating websites. Give your users the best possible experience.

Web Design

Need help with the design of your website? We specialise in the design and development of professional websites and web applications for small and medium businesses.

Build your own Website

Our Web Hosting is the right choice for those who prefer to build and design their own website. You’ll get access to your own unlimited web hosting with a wide selection of content management systems and website builders, which can be installed quickly and conveniently with a single click.
You maintain and manage the website and web hosting yourself and keep full control over it at all times. Update, change or improve your website at any time. Choose from various pre-settings and activate the automatic website backup feature to secure your site - just in case.

Web Hosting Tech Specifications

Platform: Red Hat Linux, Apache 2, firewall, hosted on cluster servers, tier IV data centre
Scripting support: Ruby on Rails, PHP5, Zend Libraries, Python 2.4, 2.5, JSP, CGI-BIN, SSI, Perl 5
Database features: MySQL 5, Unlimited MySQL 5 databases, 1Gb MySQL storage, phpMyAdmin, Cron Jobs
Website Management: Unlimited FTP accounts, AWStats Statistics software, automatic backups, website restore function
Location: Servers are hosted in the US. Contact us if you require local hosting.

Web Hosting Features

  • Unlimited storage/web space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • One-click installation apps
  • Fast site-speed
  • Convenient drag and drop website builder
  • Automatic website data backup function
  • Up to 10 websites per package
  • Unlimited growth of your site
  • Huge selection of content management systems
  • Fixed flat monthly fee
  • No hidden bandwidth charges

Web Hosting Add-ons and Software

Octopoly Web Hosting Icon

Website Builder

An intuitive website builder with a point and click interface that allows you to create your website efficiently. Upload content, tables and images, and add additional plugins or add-ons that you wish to use.

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • ~10.000 website templates and design layouts
  • Huge database of free stock photography and images
  • One-click add-ons and plugins for advanced website features
Wordpress Logo Icon


The most popular content management and blogging software worldwide. With a huge community developing and supporting countless themes, plugins and add-ons, there’s no limit to your possibilities.

  • Customizable templates
  • Vast community offering thousands of plugins and add-ons
  • Easy to use SEO enhancement tools and features
  • Intuitive control panel

B2evolution Icon


A multifunctional blogging software that supports file and photo management as well as multiple languages. A great selection of website templates allowing customization.

Joomla Logo Icon


A reliable, proven and tested CMS, used by millions of websites and backed by a huge community. Simple creation and management websites.

Drupal Logo Icon


Hugely popular, Drupal is a great choice for technically versatile users. Highly customizable and a good choice for all kinds of website types.

Typo3 Logo Icon


A scalable web application framework widely used for company and enterprise websites. It is unlimited, extendable and enjoys a large active global community.

Geeklog Logo Icon


An open source CMS application that allows for development and management of more dynamic web content. Various plugins and add-ons make it versatile.

Xoops Icon


Easy to use web content management system, with a big selection of themes to be downloaded and installed.

Mambo Logo Icon


An open source CMS that comes with many advanced features like, web indexing, page caching to improve website speed, or automation of tasks.

Owl Icon


Is an open semantic framework for web design, web development and storage of documents and files. It supports multiple users and is a good choice for businesses.

Tiki Wiki Icon

Tiki Wiki

A widely used CMS groupware specialized in the creation of online wikis. This web application platform has a huge amount of built-in features.

Php Wiki Icon


Is an open source web-based wiki software used to create online wikis and share information. Invite users to comment, participate and collaborate on joint projects.

Magento Logo Icon


A popular e-commerce platform used and trusted by software developers for almost a decade. Magento is excellent for creating multifunctional online shop solutions.

Oscommerce Icon


Is an open source e-commerce software programme, used for managing online stores. Based on PHP and MySQL it is highly customizable and offers endless possibilities.

Os Ticket Icon


One of the most popular free-to-use customer support ticket systems. It’s web-based and allows multiple users to support their customers via phone, email and web forms.

Mantis Bug Tracker Icon

Mantis Bug Tracker

Enables a team of people to work on projects by collaboration with the customer, making the improvement of products or services highly effective.

Php Project Icon


Manage your projects with a vast selection of features and tools. Improve the performance and progress through smart backlog and task board functions.



This advanced open source customer relationship management tool will help boost your marketing and sales activity by automating and tracking the sales process.

BBclone Icon


A web-based counter that collects various data from your sites visitors, which allows you to track and manage their behaviour and improve your website with the knowledge gained.

Advance Guestbook Icon

Advance Guestbook

As the name says, this software enables your users to leave you comments on your guestbook, upload pictures and interact with you.

Help Centre Live Icon

Help Centre Live

This community-driven open source live chat & support system, will make communication with your customers super easy and in real-time.

Crafty Syntax Live Help Icon

Crafty Syntax Live Help

Offer your customers real-time help on your website with this live chat function. Fully customizable to fit your needs and make it easy for your customers to reach out to you.

Phpbb Icon


This free flat-forum bulletin board software can be used for a group of people to stay in touch as well as power your complete website through hundreds of different image packages.

Simple Machines Forum Icon

Simple Machines Forum

Create and customize your own online community, offer your users a professional forum to exchange their ideas and thoughts.

Coppermine Icon


Is a multi-purpose web picture gallery that allows amateurs and professionals to manage and maintain image portfolios, with many integrated features.

Gallery V2 Icon

Gallery v2

Organize your photos and photo albums with this open source web-based photo gallery. A good choice for websites that manage a lot of images and pictures.

Web Hosting FAQ

Domains are the building blocks for all online services. Whether you want to have a personal email address or blog, a company website or an online shop, all of these need a domain name to work.

With the number of people using the Internet growing, more shopping is done online. This makes it essential that all companies, in particular SMBs, build an online presence and ensure their products and services are available to a larger audience.

Smaller businesses in particular profit from an increased audience. Every customer is important and missing opportunities is one of the main reasons many SMBs struggle in the first couple of years. Create your website immediately; with our help you’ll be up and running in no time.

After choosing a memorable domain name with the most appropriate extension, what else is left? It depends on the purpose of your website. Based on what you want to achieve, research and preparation are primary. Your target audience, your competitors, your mission; all need to be checked out.

Interesting and relevant content is essential. Explain your products and how they’ll benefit your customers. Happy customers keep coming back. Don´t forget, whatever makes the users happy also keeps Google happy, and this will have a positive effect on your ranking.

If you sell products on your website and you accept credit card payment, for the sake of your customers you must use an SSL certificate on your site. An SSL certificate secures all your online communication and transactions with your customers. Protecting you and your customers. Without the protection of an SSL certificate your site is vulnerable to phishing attacks and your customers’ personal information is not safe.

Per default the servers that host our unlimited web hosting solutions are located in the USA. We want to offer our customers a great all in one unlimited hosting solution. Hosting our servers in the United States allows us to keep the costs low while offering a good solution. In case you prefer a different location for your hosting, let us know and we can make that happen.

Starting and running a business or blog that requires active contribution is an ongoing project that requires dedication, persistence and passion. We’re happy to help you with the technical side and would love to take part in your initial brainstorming. Together we’ll prepare your business plan and set future goals. Don’t forget, it’s an ongoing project and requires commitment to succeed.

Outsourcing the technical stuff to us gives you time to focus on the marketing of your business.