SE Optimised

Using our internally developed keyword and SEO website structure allows us to setup the website optimised to receive ongoing natural traffic from users right from the start.

Keyword Research

We research several thousand keywords and keyword combinations to find the best matching options for your business. The final keyword is the basis to write well-performing content.

Responsive Design

We design and develop all websites fluid or responsive, which means they are mobile friendly and optimised to look great on any computer, device and screen size.

Professional Web Design Service

We specialise in the design and development of professional websites for small and medium businesses, but we also don’t shy away from large projects. The key for our success is the keyword and content structure system that we have developed. Websites are optimised and structured to receive as much genuine natural traffic from search engines as possible.
The goal is to make websites rank well based on optimised setup and quality of content. This removes the need for customers to spend a lot of money on Adwords and SEO only to make up for suboptimal or flawed website setup. Any money spent on online marketing should generate additional traffic and not be the only way to be seen by web users. The website structure we developed and our creative web design process and are a proven reason why our websites perform generally very well.

Our Process

1. Project Scoping

We listen, share your vision with us

We start by having a meeting or phone call with you to gather as much information about your business or project as possible. As a professional web development company it is important for us to understand what you want to achieve with your website.
What products do you want to sell? Which services you plan to offer? Where is your target market? Who is your audience? The more we know about your idea and vision, the more details we receive, the better we can plan and optimise your website.
As part of this step we also invite you to show us design examples or websites you like, anything visual that might help us understand your vision even better. Based on all your input we will then prepare a quote for you. If you are happy with the quote, we can continue with the next step.

  • Discuss the Project
  • Gather Information
  • Understand your Vision
  • Prepare a Quote

2. Keyword Research

We start with your project

Now that we know what you want to achieve, we start with an extensive keyword research to identify the most suitable keywords for your products or services. The keyword research is an important part of our creative process and the basis for our website structure and SEO system, a key element for the success of the website.
We will provide you with a full report of keywords including our assessment of their importance. With your feedback we are able to optimise the report further until we have a final version.
This report is important for the website structure, the layout template and content strategy. It is also the basis to write optimised content for the website. It is your choice if you want to write the website yourself or let us do it for you.

  • Keyword Research
  • Map Website Structure
  • Plan Content Strategy
  • Write Content

3. Designing the Website

We begin with the design and development

Your vision, design materials and input allow us to create a first draft of the website. The website will be visible to you at this stage but not yet to the public. You can follow our progress and give us feedback along the way. This step may take several weeks, depending on the project plan, the overall size of the website and input from your side: developing an online store takes more time than a simple company website.
If you want us to provide professionally written content for your side we will be able to time it properly. In case you prefer to write the website content yourself, we depend on your timing and when we receive the final content version.

  • Setup Draft Website
  • Design and Development
  • Programming Work
  • Integration of Content

4. Review and Launch

You review and test the website

Once the final content is uploaded, graphics and images are integrated into the website and everything is in place, we will ask you to review the website. If it is a online shop or interactive website, this is the step in which the website and all functions should be tested to make sure everything works smooth and as designed. We fix potential issues that might occur and work on updates you want us to make.
After we have incorporated your final changes and you are happy with the site, we will activate it and make it visible to the public. We continue to be available to address any post-launch issues or changes requirements.

  • Review of Website
  • Fix Potential Issues
  • Release Updated Version
  • Activate Website for Public

5. Ongoing Support

Contact us if you need help or advice

We remain at your disposal also after your website has been launched. It is important for us to maintain a close relationship with our customers on an ongoing basis. Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional changes or updates of your website. With your website being active you are able to gather valuable information about your customers and their behaviour, your products and services or about your processes and workflows. This knowledge is essential for successful businesses as it allows to improve the website and make sure you stay on top of current trends and economic developments.

  • Updates and Changes
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Analytics
  • Advise and Consulting

Some Websites we built

Octopoly Web Design Example
Octopoly Web Design Example
Octopoly Web Design Example
Octopoly Web Design Example
Octopoly Web Design Example
Octopoly Web Design Example
  • We make sure we understand your business
  • We plan the website based on your vision
  • Websites we built perform very well
  • Proven SEO keyword and website structure
  • Get natural traffic from search engines
  • Our team handles all technical logistics
  • We manage everything technical for you
  • Save time and focus on your business
  • We understand online business

Websites designed by experts

The creation of your first website can seem daunting. Little technical knowledge, the cost, and the inevitable lack of time. We are here to handle the technicalities and simplify the registration of your domain names and creation of your website.
We’re going to give every business the opportunity to grow, and then grow some more. Having an online presence increases your visibility, meaning existing and new customers can find your products and services and which means more business for you.
Good quality content is important for the success of any business. Ask us for the option to help you with the creation of the content. We can take care of that for you or connect you directly with a professional copywriting agency.

Web Design Service FAQ

Of course you can. There are many do it yourself website builders and website building kits out there. Most of which can also be used by non technical people. The question is how much your time is worth to you. Is building a website yourself really the best you can do with your time?

Or instead, would it be financially more viable and profitable for you to develop your brand, work on your business plan, focus on your marketing, find new customers instead or even take care of your existing ones? In case you have never built a website and you are not sure about the best way to structure it and setup the pages and content, it might make more sense to let us take care of the technical when, how, what and where.

If you want to built your website yourself, have a look at our Unlimited Web Hosting product.

In short, we can help you with as much or as little assistance as you require. In detail, we can help you with, the initial keyword research, marketing strategy, creating the logo, finding the best domain names and securing them, designing the website, ongoing website SEO (though we think the best way is to provide good service and create high quality content on an ongoing basis) and even brand protection, securing your intellectual property online.

Or you can do all of the above yourself and let us only help when you actually need it. It is really up to you.

After choosing a memorable domain name with the most appropriate extension, what else is left? It depends on the purpose of your website. Based on what you want to achieve, research and preparation are primary. Your target audience, your competitors, your mission; all need to be checked out.

Interesting and relevant content is essential. Explain your products and how they’ll benefit your customers. Happy customers keep coming back. Don´t forget, whatever makes the users happy also keeps Google happy, and this will have a positive effect on your ranking.

If you sell products on your website and you accept credit card payment, for the sake of your customers you must use an SSL certificate on your site. An SSL certificate secures all your online communication and transactions with your customers. Protecting you and your customers. Without the protection of an SSL certificate your site is vulnerable to phishing attacks and your customers’ personal information is not safe.